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The Coupon Clippers
Welcome to Couponing4bmx!!!!

I am a filipina born and raised in Philippines. I have 6 bmx bandits in the house who take most of my thoughts, time and energy. I do couponing to help my husband save as we go every year to Oklahoma for the big ABA BMX GRANDS. BMX gets really expensive and I am happy that my kids are doing good with the sport.

To all my followers to this adventure of mine, dont hesitate to contact me. I am just around at the bmx track and if I can help you save…why not? I wish I have done this long before but sometimes the saying goes…Better late than NEVER! so here I am trying to catch this trend of couponing.

Good luck to your adventures in couponing.

Your couponer,

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3 Comments on “About ME

  1. This is awesome. I LOVE it and look forward to your posts. I, just like most, need to save money where ever I can. I have always used coupons but with your help and ideas I am using them more than ever and saving more than ever. Thank you and keep the posts coming!

  2. Thank you for this awesome service! Question…I’m fighting with Comfort Inn because I booked under the Shriver group back in Sept. When I checked in last night, they said the $69 was for 2 double beds, & if I wanted 2 queens it was $89/night. They claim the contract was for doubles. Are they trying to pull one over on me? Or did I read the post wrong?

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