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Team USA: Things YOU need to know!!

I am just going to summarize everything here in one post hoping everyone gets on the same page as worlds is coming up. If there are any errors please notify me and message me at or facebook message me at @couponing4bmx Some information…

UCI BMX Worlds Update!

Check out the TEAM USA Challenge class Click Here   If you haven’t pick up your event tickets to watch your kids race here is the info: According to the city of Rock Hill:  All riders in the challenge class who are registered for…

2017 UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ROCKHILL, South Carolina July 25-29, 2017

The whole content of this blogpost is my personal reference but feel free to read if you are planning to attend and hopefully this will help guide you as well for the upcoming event. Go USA!!! Step ONE. You must QUALIFY(by making your mains) in one of…

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