2017 UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ROCKHILL, South Carolina July 25-29, 2017

The whole content of this blogpost is my personal reference but feel free to read if you are planning to attend and hopefully this will help guide you as well for the upcoming event. Go USA!!!

Step ONE. You must QUALIFY(by making your mains) in one of the following UCI World Qualifying races (Phoenix, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas) unless you made mains from previous Worlds race in Medellin, Colombia.

  • To race the Worlds qualifier is $60 and class is determine by the year of birth.
  • In the qualifying event which is FRiday of the National, Make sure you sign up for CHALLENGE CLASS not the Pre-race of the national.
  • If you are qualified already(W1-W8 or you made mains in the previous qualifier) YOU Can’t sign up for the next qualifying because you just want to. I REPEAT, you CANNOT qualify AGAIN! ex. Main makers from Phoenix can’t go to Rockhill and qualify again, you can race the national but NOT the Worlds Qualifying race again.
  • In each qualifying event(AZ, OR, SC & TX) there will be 8 riders who made the main that will qualify to race the Worlds race in Rockhill, SC total of 32 riders in 4 events.
  • The qualifying race will run all 3 motos then the 1/16,1/8, 1/4 & semis then the main.
  • If a UCI challenge class fails to register 8 riders in the qualifying race, all riders entered will be qualified at each event. Each rider will have to start the first heat race (moto) in order to be eligible. Source http://www.usabmx.com/site/sections/262
  • As a host country we can represent 32 riders + the main finalist from the previous UCI BMX Worlds race in Medellin, Colombia.

If positions remain after considering the preceding criteria, then athletes may be selected by the USA Cycling Selection Committee following USA Cycling Principles of Athlete Selection (www.usacycling.org).

If a rider fails to qualify in the 32 available start positions through the automatic criteria or from the 2016 World Championships, riders can fill out a Discretionary Athlete Nomination form from the world championship information page located at the USA BMX webpage. Each athlete will have to fill out the electronic nomination form by logging onto to http://www.usabmx.com/worlds, and scroll down and click on “BMX Discretionary Athlete Nomination Form.”

The deadline to submit Discretionary form is 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time on Friday, April 28th, 2017.

The Discretionary Athlete Nomination forms will only be accepted before the deadline April 28th, 2017, no exceptions. Riders submitting forms will be thoroughly reviewed by the USA Cycling Selection Committee. Rider results will only be considered from the 2016 USA BMX National Age Group (NAG) final standings, the current 2017 USA BMX NAG standings and International events from August 1, 2014, to May 1, 2017. USA BMX will not add riders to a class to simply fill available start positions. The final USA Cycling World Challenge BMX Team roster will be posted to USA Cycling’s website no later than Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Here are your Important Dates to TAKE NOTE #1


March 7: Registration opens for 2016 W1-W8 & Phoenix, AZ qualified riders

April 5: Registration opens for Rock Hill, SC qualified riders

April 12: Registration opens for Redmond, OR qualified riders

April 26: Registration opens for Austin, TX qualified riders

April 28: Deadline for submission of athlete discretionary petitions

May 12: Deadline of participant registration for W1-W8 & qualified nominations

May 19: Discretionary nominations announced

May 26: Deadline of participant registration for discretionary nominations

May 29: Any remaining USAC Forms due to USA BMX by 5:00 PM MDT

May 31: Final Announcement of World Championship Challenge Class Team

July TBD: UCI published entries



Step TWO. Register to purchase your license at  http://www.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php?pagename=login

  • Once license is purchased, keep in mind to check this page   for RACE REGISTRATION once its live! https://usabmx.com/site/bmx_races/347355?section_id=16
  • Each race registration comes with one USA jersey included, additional jersey is an option to purchase for jersey exchange. (It’s a tradition when kids finish racing, they trade their race jersey for another country jersey)
  • Update: Race entry fee is $350 which includes one jersey add $15 to have your sponsor logo & name added and add $65 per jersey with sponsor logo and name for jersey exchange with another country.

Step THREE. BOOK your FLIGHT and HOTEL accommodation.

  • Book your flight and hotel in advance as this will be an expensive trip if you don’t arrange your travel plans ahead of time.
  • check my page for pre negotiated hotel deals with no obligation until a week or day of check in   https://couponing4bmx.com/bmx-worlds-rockhill-sc-usa-2017/home2suites-by-hilton
  • For Flight I have flight set up leaving Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Sacramento
  • If you plan to fly I can book you just contact me at bmxworldchamp@gmail.com or message me 1 562 340 8690
  • Remember USA riders, this is not like your regular USABMX national race that you can go back to hotel and relax…so you don’t need to be that close to the track. Each race day they will run all 3 motos and qualifier rounds will follow right away…normally they will run the event quick and intermission before the main event.

QUESTION???When is the best time to travel? Here is the schedule.

TEAM USA will have a TEAM meeting for Riders & parents for quick briefing &or distribution of jerseys & number plates so keep an eye for that schedule coz it is IMPORTANT!!! normally it is a day before practice unless schedule change.


Saturday track viewing 7/22/2017

Sunday & Monday is practice by country (they will post later for the time)

Tuesday is for cruiser class ONLY

Wednesday & Thursday is for 16 & under Challenge class 20″inch

Friday is 17 & over 20″ challenge class + Masters

Saturday is for Elite

Source: http://www.uci.ch/mm/Document/News/News/18/09/16/ScheduleBMXWorlds2017_Neutral.pdf

So you kinda want to be there at least thursday/Friday July 20 or the most July 21 😉 (just a suggestion)

Take Note #3

  • Remember you need a ticket for the actual race not practice to watch the event  for July 25-July 29, 2017
    Online 5 & under free
    Child(6-17)$3/day or $12 event pass
    Adult(18&up) $12.50/day or $50 event pass
    Onsite: Child (6-17) $5/day or $20 event pass
    Adult(18&up) $15/day or $60 event pass
    Free Admission to York County, SC residents on July 29, 2017 ONLYPurchase your ticket here!!!    https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowBMX171/Flow/TICKETINGFLOW#/registrant/1761/ShowItems/
    source  http://www.uci.ch/bmx/documents/
  • NOTE: Each rider will have a wrist band to go in and out of the event and it has been only good for Challenge Days not Elite Days (so if they plan to watch the elite/pro race they need to buy ticket for those days) Credit to Jerry B for that info


Overview of what’s going to happen…

Only riders are allowed to go inside the event area..parents will have a designated meeting area with their child (this will be discuss by the USA TEAM in the team meeting).  MOBILE phones would work to communicate with older riders (just a suggestion). But we are in the millennium where kids know how to use phone as young as 2 hahhaha

MAKE sure they bring food/snack & water for them to have at the pit area. DON’T overpack like I DO! put some extra tubes in their bag. I suggest use just ONE BAG for all their stuff so it DON’T get lost. Remember, there will be 32+ riders in each age class for TEAM USA in one pit area.

I will keep updating this page so KEEP BROWSING FOR more Updates.

Please visit this very well written blog by one of the bmx mom  http://bmxjournal.com/news/so-you-want-to-race-worlds

Thanks Courtney Staton!

Merideth Shriver


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