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Group Flights to Tulsa Nov 22-28, 2016 Roundtrip


Roundtrip $500/person

Deposit of $50 is due by Aug. 12, 2016
Final Payment/balance due: October 1, 2016 $450



Date                     Flight #   City Pair    Time                  Stops
22-Nov-2016     3199          LAX/PHX   645A-900A     Nonstop
22-Nov-2016     4184          PHX/TUL   1015A-140P     Nonstop
28-Nov-2016     1072          TUL/DEN   920P-1005P    Nonstop
28-Nov-2016     5886          DEN/LAX   1115P-1250A   Nonstop




Date                        Flight #      City Pair       Time                Stops

22-Nov-2016     1922              SMF/DEN     310P-625P      Nonstop
22-Nov-2016     5109              DEN/TUL      905P-1145P    Nonstop
28-Nov-2016     1072             TUL/DEN       920P-1005P   Nonstop
28-Nov-2016     6310              DEN/SMF     1110P-1250A   Nonstop


Email me along with your payment confirmation

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix, Birth Month, Birth Date, Birth Year, Gender, Redress Number (if applicable)

Format Example: Doe, John, Thomas, Sr, 6, 20, 1987, Male

or CALL me at 1 855 468 8896 ext 178


Note: $50 deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation. Once purchased, each Group ticket is nonrefundable. Group tickets are not eligible for upgrades, downgrades, standby or changes or exchanges

One thought on “Group Flights to Tulsa Nov 22-28, 2016 Roundtrip

  1. Hey Merideth. My name is Phil Maxwell and I am looking for a flight to the Grands. I work for ODI and would like to leave on Thursday 11/24 and return on 11/27. Can you help me with this?

    Phil Maxwell
    (951) 255-6616

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