Announcement: Couponing4bmx is proud to Sponsor….

My first official year of booking group deals for parents like me who wants to save money doing what we love to do for our kids has just ended. I would like to thank all the people who helped me spread the word and especially for the people who trust and booked under my group….I appreciate from the bottom of my heart. It was a great year of savings!

This year at the Grands 2013 I was able to sponsor at least one family/member who could use some help but without your effort and sharing the deal I couldn’t do it without you guys/ladies….so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

So 2014 I am praying to sponsor 2 kids/families with their hotel accommodation courtesy of the hotel and couponing4bmx as long as I reached my quota and with your help I can achieve it again.

Remember! the reason I started this hotel deals is because I always find a good deal for my family wherever we go and I feel the need to share to everyone who wants to save like me. I do this not just only because for our own good (rates are lower when travel by groups) but I do this to simply share without any expectations of getting something in return.

Lastly, 2014 BMX season is coming up soon and I will try my very best to get the best bang of your buck. So good luck and see you at the races!!!!

Yours truly,

Merideth Shriver


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